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Autumn 2023 Collection: SOPHIE Womenswear Set - Symbiosis of Classics and Modernity in Every Element

The Main Elements of the SOPHIE Set: The SOPHIE 4-piece clothing set, known as the women's autumn suit, was crafted as part of the 2023 fall womenswear collection by REPULO'S brand. The set includes shorts, a jacket, a vest, and pants. Created with flexibility in mind, you can mix and match different elements of the classic women's suit depending on your mood, weather, or time of day. However, convenience and practicality have always been at the forefront of the designer's mind.

Designer's Inspiration: The designer was inspired by the classic style when creating the clothes for this collection, incorporating a touch of modernity. The globally renowned fabric print, prominent in many models of the Dior brand, played a vital role in the fabric selection.

Design Features: The models are enhanced by caramel-colored suede accents, which decorate various elements such as pockets, belts, lamps, and others, including the collar. The high waist fit of the trousers and shorts adds to the sophistication of the women's autumn suit.

Technological Complexity: The jacket is the most technologically complex piece of the collection. With numerous pockets, some in the unique "smile pockets" style, it's an intricate piece in classic women's suit design. The pockets are buttoned, and the chest pocket is trimmed with suede, mirroring other elements of the jacket. The jacket collar's perfection, with straight seams and perfect shape, is ensured by our expert tailors' immense attention to detail.

Buttons: Suede-covered buttons are handcrafted and match the jacket's color. This method of creation is unique to REPULO'S brand.

Highlight The SOPHIE Shorts: The pockets of the SOPHIE shorts are adorned with suede, featuring two full side pockets and imitation pockets on the back, also decorated with suede. The back pockets are framed, and the shorts include an accessory – a belt with a suede buckle.

Girl in classic suit by REPULO'S
Classic women's suit by REPULO'S Brand

SOPHIE as Everyday Clothing: SOPHIE, the women's autumn suit, allows women to feel stylish and comfortable every day. Designed by REPULO'S brand, these fall clothes offer unparalleled style, suitable for both office and casual looks. This classic women's suit aims to provide women with extraordinary confidence and comfort in any situation.

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