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About Us

Repulo's Brands is a home for unique slow fashion Ukrainian brands.

It is a family business that started from a big love of art and clothes.

We have started from own apparel manufacturing and produced clothing for local and overseas brands since 2013.

In 2021, we have decided to start our own brand and share to the world other great brands we worked with.

All the garments represented on the website are produced in small quantities or on demand, using deadstock fabrics or the exact amount of material needed. As a result, our clients can always be unique in our garments and minimize a negative impact on the environment by over wastage. We also allow our clients to get what they want by making a clothing based on the body measurements and slightly adjusting the garments (adjust the length, adjust some sizes for non-standard body types, make the slit less deep etc.)

REPULO'S is a home for remarkable, high quality and made with love garments!

It's for special, fun and every day occasions.

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