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Discover SILVERINE: Your Dream Dress Awaits

Meet SILVERINE by Repulo's - not just a dress, but a celebration of extraordinary style. For those special moments in life, SILVERINE is more than an outfit; it's a statement. With its enchanting shimmer and elegant pleats, this dress is designed to make you the star of any occasion.

Now in Toronto and Beyond!

Great news for fashion enthusiasts in Toronto, Canada, and across Canada and the United States! SILVERINE is now just a click away, no matter where you are in North America.

Two girls wearing dress in golden and silver style dresses
Silverine Dress by Repulo's

Why You'll Love SILVERINE:

  • Luxurious Material: Feel the difference with our Lame Fabric, a rich blend of 70% Polyester and 30% Metallic Fibres. It's like wearing a golden sunset!

  • Comfortable Lining: The stretchy viscose lining hugs you gently, ensuring you feel as good as you look.

  • The Perfect Skirt: A pleated full-circle skirt that twirls and swirls, adding a playful yet elegant charm to your every move.

  • Flattering Fit: With corset boning, SILVERINE cinches at just the right places, crafting a stunning silhouette.

  • Supportive Built-In Bra: Forget the hassle of finding the right bra; SILVERINE has you covered with its integrated support.

  • Seamless Zipper: A concealed back zipper keeps everything sleek and smooth.

  • Stretch for Days: A stretchy back panel means you're snug but never squeezed.

  • Sleeveless Elegance: Show off those shoulders with our tasteful sleeveless design.

  • Off-Shoulder Neckline: Because your collarbones deserve their moment in the spotlight.

  • Easy Care: A simple handwash or a trip to the dry cleaners keeps SILVERINE looking fabulous.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: With Repulo's signature touch and Ukrainian craftsmanship, quality is a given.

Girl in gold style dress
Silverine Dress by Repulo's in gold

SILVERINE by Repulo's isn't just a dress; it's a reflection of your unique taste and confidence. Now available for all you stylish folks in Toronto and across North America, it's time to make SILVERINE your own. This isn't just fashion; it's a celebration of you.

Enhanced for real people with real style – just like you. The Silverine Dress is available at Repulo's Online Shop.

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