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Join Repulo's Atelier at Toronto Fashion Week FALL 2023

Repulo's Atelier Showcasing at Fashion Art Toronto 2023

This November, immerse yourself in the avant-garde world of Canadian fashion at Fashion Art Toronto, featuring Repulo's Atelier. Join us from November 16-19, 2023, at Black Creek Assembly (131 McCormack St., Toronto) for an unforgettable experience.

About Fashion Art Toronto

Celebrating Canadian Fashion and Art

Fashion Art Toronto, established in 2005, stands as the city's longest-running fashion event. Renowned for its commitment to Canadian fashion, the event offers an inclusive and accessible platform for designers and artists. Experience runway shows, fashion presentations, performances, and art that challenge and inspire.

The Distinctive History of Fashion Art Toronto

A Legacy of Inclusivity and Innovation

Since its inception by founder Vanja Vasic, Fashion Art Toronto has been a beacon of diversity, inclusivity, and creativity. It's a platform that celebrates models and participants from all walks of life, making it a pivotal event in Canada's fashion landscape.

Event Format: More Than Just Fashion Shows

Fashion Art Toronto transcends traditional runway shows. Expect days filled with exhibitions, installations, performances, and panel discussions. It's where established designers meet emerging talent, fostering a community of innovation and collaboration.

Repulo's Atelier at Toronto Fashion Week

A Must-Visit Stand for Fashion Enthusiasts

Discover the unique creations of Repulo's Atelier at our stand. As part of Toronto's vibrant fashion scene, we invite you to explore our latest designs that embody creativity and cutting-edge style.

Fashion Art Toronto's Impact on Canadian Fashion

From promoting emerging talent to redefining runway standards, Fashion Art Toronto has been instrumental in shaping the Canadian fashion industry. It's a hub for avant-garde fashion, fostering creativity and collaboration.

Event Details and Highlights

Plan Your Visit

- **Event Hours:** Detailed schedule from November 16th to 19th.

- **Runway Room:** Featuring 40 designers.

- **Fashion Playground:** Interactive areas including an art exhibition, retail shop, and more.

- **Food & Beverages:** Available options including Kanvas.

Join Us at Fashion Art Toronto

RSVP for 'The After Party'

Mark your calendar for "The After Party" exhibition opening, a collaboration between Natasha Gerschon & Lucia Perna, on November 14th at 1611 Dundas St. West.

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