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Measure Yourself right! Here are the TIPS

Before making an online apparel purchase, it's essential to know your body measurements. This guide will walk you through the key measurements – Bust, Waist, and Hips – to ensure a perfect fit for your garments. So, let's get started!

Bust Measurements for the Perfect Fit: When measuring your bust, consider whether you'll wear the garment with or without a bra. Ensure accuracy by following these steps:

  • Place the measuring tape around your bust at the fullest point.

  • If you're wearing a specific bra with the garment, use that bra during measurement.

  • Professionals in ateliers follow similar practices for tailored garments to guarantee an impeccable fit.

Taking Accurate Waist Measurements: For an accurate waist measurement, follow these tips:

  • Position the measuring tape comfortably around your waist without holding your breath.

  • Avoid pulling the tape too tightly or leaving it too loose; aim for the perfect fit.

A lady takes a body measurements
Body measurement right!

Getting the Right Hip Measurements: When measuring your hips, remember:

  • Take a full and accurate measurement of your hips, ensuring neither tightness nor looseness.

  • Achieving the right fit is crucial for your comfort and the overall look of the garment.

Don't Forget Our Video Guide: For a visual demonstration of these measurement techniques, check out our detailed video guide. It's a valuable resource to help you get the perfect fit for your online purchases. Visit our Custom-Size page and Private Fitting Page to get more details.

Remember that knowing your body measurements is the key to a successful online apparel shopping experience. Happy shopping!

Love, Your Kateryna ❤️

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