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Myth Ball: A Night to Remember at REPULO'S Fashion Show

The REPULO'S Fashion Brand recently hosted a grand event in Toronto, Canada: the REPULO'S Fashion Show Myth Ball. This was a significant milestone for us, being our very first fashion show, and the experience was nothing short of incredible. The importance of this show was monumental, as it marked our debut in working with an outstanding team of organizers, fashion models, makeup and hair artists, as well as various support teams who made this event possible.

REPULO'S Fashion Show

A black & white photo of runway model at REPULO'S Fashion Show in Toronto
REPULO'S Fashion Show. Photo by @photographer.sukhoviia

A Modern Twist on a Classic Theme

The name "Myth Ball" was inspired by the elegant style of Bridgerton balls but with a modern twist. The perfect venue for such an exquisite event was the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, which provided an atmosphere of luxury and timeless fashion. The evening was graced with the enchanting melodies of a classical quartet, complemented by dynamic DJ music, perfect lighting, and impeccable styling. This blend of classical and contemporary elements made our casual wear designs shine, highlighting our commitment to creating clothes for special occasions that make every woman feel radiant.

Photo of runway model at REPULO'S Fashion Show
REPULO'S Fashion Show. Photo by @photographer.sukhoviia

Months of Preparation

Months of meticulous preparation went into this event. From designing the venue layout to perfecting the runway walks, our team and models worked tirelessly. Each model was paired with REPULO'S designs to create a flawless look that fit them perfectly. Their dedication to training and practice paid off as they brought our visions to life on the runway.

A Sold-Out Success

The Myth Ball was a resounding success, with tickets selling out in the blink of an eye. The venue was packed with guests, influencers, media personnel, and distinguished guests. The energy was palpable, and the excitement was shared by all who attended.

REPULO'S Fashion Show. Photo by @photographer.sukhoviia
REPULO'S Fashion Show. Photo by @photographer.sukhoviia

Supporting a Higher Cause

We are especially proud that the event served a higher purpose. The proceeds from ticket sales and a charity auction held during the fashion show were donated to the Red Cross to support Ukrainian families affected by the Russian invasion. REPULO'S contributed dresses for the auction, helping to generate additional funds for this important cause.

Gratitude and Future Plans

We extend our deepest gratitude to all our guests and everyone who supported us throughout this journey. Your encouragement and support made this event possible. At REPULO'S, we are dedicated to promoting the beauty of the creative industries in Canada and in collaboration with Ukraine. We believe in the tremendous potential for the development of the fashion and creative industries, and we are proud to be part of it.

Thank you all, and we look forward to seeing you at our future events, which we are already planning with great enthusiasm!

REPULO'S Fashion Show. Photo by @nandu_chandran
REPULO'S Fashion Show. Photo by @nandu_chandran

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7 days ago

Exquisite and enchanting indeed! Absolutely amazing. Congratulations!!!

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