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Repulo's at Breakfast Television in Toronto, hosted by Jessica Panetta from Conceptual Event Society

At Repulo's, we are overjoyed to witness the waves our fashion brand is making in the industry, especially when acknowledged by fashion connoisseurs. A momentous occasion unfolded today as Repulo's was spotlighted on the renowned Breakfast Television Toronto, with the illustrious Jessica Panetta at the helm.

The Emergence of the Mob Wife Trend

Jessica Panetta, with her exquisite fashion acumen, introduced viewers to the "Mob Wife" trend, a style distinguished by its bold and elegant aesthetic. She masterfully curated looks that encapsulate this burgeoning trend, presenting them on today's episode of Breakfast Television. Her expertise not only highlights the latest in fashion but also sets the stage for transformative women's attire.

Crafted with Pride in Toronto

All our creations, including the spotlight-stealing "Midi-Dress Fortuna," are crafted with immense pride in Toronto, Canada. It's an honor to be recognized by a Toronto icon like Jessica Panetta and to participate in such a prestigious television program. This feature is a testament to the creativity and passion that fuels our brand.

A Future of Collaboration

We are profoundly grateful for this opportunity and the platform it has provided us. The collaboration with Jessica Panetta and her talented team at Conceptual Event Society has been nothing short of inspirational, and we eagerly look forward to future endeavours together.

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Engage with Us

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the "Mob Wife" trend and our feature on Breakfast Television. What are your favourite fashion trends this season? Share your insights in the comments below, and let's spark a fashion-forward conversation.

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