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Toronto Fashion Week! It was great!

Today, we can confidently say that our presence at Toronto Fashion Week, organized by Fashion Art Toronto, was an amazing experience! The event lasted just four days, but we began our preparations months before it started. We worked on our presentation ideas, collaborated with our clothing production department and facilities back in Ukraine, and focused on marketing, among other tasks.

We are thrilled to have achieved such great success!

We are thrilled to have achieved such great success!
Founders of Repulo's Atelier in front of their brand clothing racks at Toronto Fashion Week
Dmytro and Kateryna Nechyporenko - Founders of Repulo's Atelier at Toronto Fashion Week

The event itself had an amazing vibe, which inspired us to create even more beautiful outfits. We were also impressed by how well-dressed and stylish the visitors were. Their open-minded approach and readiness for collaboration and discussion truly stood out.

It was a fantastic experience to meet other local fashion designers from Canada, especially those from Toronto. There were so many talented artists, and we were delighted to meet them all!

A special shout-out to the amazing and highly professional organizers who provided us with great support!

We are happy to announce that, following this event, you will see more people wearing Repulo's Atelier outfits on the streets of Toronto and other cities. We are so excited and looking forward to seeing everyone at Toronto Fashion Week 2024!

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