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Toronto Fashion Week: Repulo's has been selected by the show organizers for the second time in a row

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Repulos has been selected by the organizers of Toronto Fashion Week to participate in the pop-up designer section of the event organized by Fashion Art Toronto.

Upon receiving the news of our selection, we immediately commenced work on our new collection. Being chosen for this prestigious event is a significant responsibility and entails a considerable amount of work to design, produce, and deliver the exceptional new styles that Repulos's fashion brand is known for. As you may know, all our designs are conceived in Toronto, Canada, while our clothing production is based in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Follow us on Instagram

Dear organizers of Fashion Art Toronto,
Thank you immensely for your trust and the high level of appreciation for our art. We are committed to delivering the most distinctive and superior designs for the show. We are confident that this year's event will be spectacular! The show continues to evolve and grow, and so do we at Repulos. We are grateful for your trust and partnership and eagerly anticipate seeing everyone at Fashion Week soon. Sincerely, REPULO'S Team

Follow us and Fashion Art Toronto on social media and visit our websites for more updates.

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